Why use Schwartz Precision Manufacturing

Schwartz Precision is an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified producer of precision metal components for the aerospace, commercial, industrial, transportation, HVAC, and agricultural industries.  Schwartz Precision is committed to achieving results and surpassing customer expectations. 


Our commitment to our customers is to provide uncompromising delivery, service, and quality at a fair price.  Schwartz Precision is always looking for ways to become more efficient and pass those savings on to you. 


Schwartz Precision has instituted procedures and invested in resources to ensure that your company does not have to accept additional costs or delays.  Your parts reach you on time.  We understand the difficulties delays can cause.  Our customers' trust in us for prompt deliveries is something we take very seriously.


Schwartz Precision is committed to long term growth and recognizes that success will be predicated on customer satisfaction.  Every employee at Schwartz Precision is dedicated to providing the best customer service at all times.  We always seek to understand our customer’s needs and meet those needs with meaningful solutions. Your satisfaction is our biggest goal.


All of the employees at Schwartz Precision are empowered and motivated to maintain a quality standard that surpasses our competitors.  At Schwartz Precision our standards are to surpass your expectations in all specifications and requirements.  We recognize that consistent, uncompromising quality is not only vital to our customers but also your customers.