Operating Principles


We, the owners, leadership, and employees of Schwartz Precision Manufacturing each commit ourselves to think and act on a daily basis in adherence to the following priorities and for the good of our customers, suppliers, employees and community. 

Each of us will conduct ourselves...

with a whatever it takes attitude to achieve results assuming the highest possible ethics.

with willful participation in a sales culture that is focused, with action, on high daily sales activity (contact, quoting, and follow-up) and impeccable service to take maximum advantage of self generated customer and prospect opportunities.

with work practices, training, adherence, and procedures that will ensure maximum safety for each employee in our plants, offices, traveling to and from any destination, and on every job site.

with systematic and time sensitive accountability to measurable expectations of job execution, efficiency, quality, productivity, and feedback both received and to be offered.

with a mindset and work ethic that acknowledges that our performance and results must be profitable to the company or there is no reason to exist as a business.